19471 reinhardtius-hippoglossoides

Greenland Halibut on a stamp from Greenland.

The Greenland Halibut, other common names include; Blue Halibut, Little Halibut, Mock Halibut and Newfoundland Halibut, Is a species of fish from the Pleuronectidea, also known as righteye flounders. It lives in the North Atlantic and Pacific oceans, although it can also be found far down south near the Antarctic.

Common names Edit

English common names include; Greenland Halibut, Blue Halibut, Little Halibut, Mock Halibut, Newfoundland Halibut, Greenland Turbot.

German common names; Schwarzer Heilbutt.

French common names; Flétan noir.

Spanish and Portuguese common names; Halibut Negro, Hipogloso Negro, Alabote-da-Grone-lândia, Alabote-negro, Palmeta-da-Grone-Lândia.

Icelandic common names; Gráluða.

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